EntraBOX Security Entrances

Turnstile Canopies, Enclosures & Modular Buildings


Turnstile Canopy

– Turnstile Canopy/Glass Enclosure

– Fiberglass Buildings


– Chain-link Cage

– Storefront Glass Enclosure

– Partitions


– Mobile Offices

-Time & Attendance Station

– Steel Container Buildings

All-In-One Security Entrances

Exterior: Shelters, Canopies, Fiberglass Buildings

Interior: Entrance Enclosures

Portable: Steel Container Buildings,Turnstile Canopies

USA Turnstiles, ADA Gates
Turnstile Canopies and Enclosures
Variety of Colors and Finishes
Made in the USA Steel Construction
Anti-Reach Barriers
Access Control Software and Electronics
Full Security System Integration

Deluxe Turnstile Entrance with Facial Recognition
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Deluxe Turnstile Entrance with Facial Recognition

Equipment Data Sheets:

Exterior Canopy with Glass Walls, Turnstiles, and Card Access
Exterior Canopy with Turnstiles and Man Trap Doors
Chain Link Cage Enclosure
Storefront Glass Enclosure
EntraBOX 8x10ft Mobile Office
EntraBOX Mobile Time and Attendance Station

What's In The Box?
System Integration Options

Outlaw Full Height Tandem Turnstile

Tandem Turnstile/ADA Door

USA Turnstiles, Doors and Canopies

  • Outlaw Industrial Turnstiles
  • Matching ADA Gates
  • Anti-Reach Barrier
  • Turnstile Canopies and Enclosures
  • Made in the USA Steel Construction
  • Built with  1-3/4” – 14 AWG Tubing
  • Modular Locking Mechanism can be field-configured Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure, 2-way
  • Key Override comes standard
  • Variety of Colors and Finishes

Card Access Control

  • HID Proximity Card Readers
  • Contactless Smart Card Readers
  • ID Card Printing Kit
  • Refill Cards and Credentials
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • QR Code Scanners

Biometric Access Control

  • VisionPass Facial Recognition Terminals are compatible with Morpho Series and other biometric devices
  • Mounts to turnstile, door frame, or post
  • Up to 40,000 face templates
  • 250,000 IDs in the authorized user list
  • Contactless recognition within 1 second
  • Weatherproof and spoof proof

CCTV Security and Intercom Communication

  • HD Video entry security
  • Remote live monitoring
  • Internal communication and paging
  • Master Station Intercom for Main Office
  • Weatherproof Door Stations for Entry Communication

TURNSTILES.us Added Value

We are a One Stop Shop

  • We provide Turn-Key with Value Added Engineering
  • We provide Biometric Access Control Elements integrated with the Turnstiles
  • 31 Years of Integration Experience
  • Pride in Craftsmanship
Aurubis Buffalo, Inc. - Buffalo, NY
Outdoor Turnstile Canopy Entry System with ADA Man Trap and Tailgate Inhibiting
Veteran's Administration CMOP, NC
Custom Cage Enclosure with Turnstiles, ADA Gate and Ramp
Ralph's Foods/Kroger - Riverside, CA
Free Standing on Fence Line Turnstiles, Wide ADA-Door and Canopy
DMS Detriot Manufacturing Systems - Detriot, MI
Complete Turnstile Entry system with Glass Enclosure

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